"We are now a family of 160+ with an absolute aim to deliver quality services"


Our functional consultants in the field of Agriculture, Rural and Software architectures ensure that every customer challenge is interpreted and addressed. Our consultants offer options and solutions which are feasible and viable for execution for sustainable returns.

Software team

Dedicated software devlopment team of 40+ experts handling the following competence and skill sets:

  • Unix platform development (IVR, Asterisk, etc.)
  • ASP.Net development platform
  • PHP Development platform
  • Java Development Platform
  • Android and IOS Development platform

Agriculture Experts

A team of 11+ Agriculture graduates and post graduates ensures that every crop’s life cycle information is handled as per the latest package of practice. The team continuously keeps updating and collating information to ensure they are at speed with the latest agriculture development to meet our clients and customers requirement.

Data Analyst

  • Our in-house rural and agriculture data science team of 3+ experts ensures that the data collected from the program provides rich decision making information to the management and executioner.
  • Hits and Misses
  • Achievement analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Opportunity identification
  • Risk identification
  • Experts uses ClicData, Tableau and In-house tools for analysis

Program Managers

A team of 8+ program managers and business operations ensures that every program & project is handled as per the timelines & quality.