Sales Force Effectiveness

Sales force is a key engine for growth across companies worldwide but requires appropriate support to maximize its impact. Our focus is always on concept testing, value and pricing optimization, segmentation and positioning, brand switching and advertising and promotion studies. One of the biggest challenges under sales force effectiveness is enabling the field force team with the right productivity tool to ensure that business continuity is there in spite of difficult terrain, employee attrition and connectivity. Our sales force effectiveness tool mitigates these challenges and helps the rural users to connect with the main system by using our digitally enabled mobility application.

Our mobile application contains information regarding various categories including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, seeds, seed treatments and seed traits. We also measure a large number of variables that include brands, prices, expenditures, total area treated, application rates, yields and product satisfaction. We consult with a variety of sources to gather information, including farmers, manufacturers, crop advisors (agronomists) and retailers. We also provide market insights and growth opportunities that include new market trends and strategic planning.