Farmer Relationship Manager

Our Gross Domestic Product i.e. the monetary value on the finished goods and service provided, significantly depends on the agriculture industry and farmers being the core of the agro-industry are also the focal point of our business prospects. Our terms and motives are always in favor of the betterment of the farmers. Our clients have field agents and man force working on the fields and having interactive sessions with farmers very frequently. Our instructions and guidance provided during these interactions are sensitive in nature and has sympathetic understanding of the social customs, language and farming practices of the community from which the farmers belong to. Our extension staffs have a wide knowledge in the field of agronomy, farm-based techniques and also have an understanding of the potential capabilities of the farmers with whom they work. We always keep in consideration the personal aptitudes and qualification of each applicant by appointing him as an extension staff. We intend to employ our extension staffs from a local farming community as he will have the local knowledge and would be able to understand the farmers and deal with their problems without any difficulties.

Our mobile application is very comprehensible and is available in many languages. Our agents provide new farming techniques and other information to the farmers which are required by them for efficient farming. Farmers will only accept new techniques if the adaptations results in the higher yields or improved quality. Hence the agents and field staff always have to be updated and very alert and precise while dealing with their problems. According to the feedback that we got in the past few months, the responses are positive and it was noted that the farmers with little or no prior knowledge of the crop accepted with greater efficiency as compared to others. Keeping the farmers and their behavior in context our “FRM” allows keeping a full control and provides a view of every transactions and engagement with all potential farmers important for the Agro Input and Output business. FRM is cloud based collaborative tool i.e. it refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from acloudcomputing provider's servers, which allows seamless access to both field staff and back office across multiple communication channel.