Customer Relationship Manager

Our major clients being from product-based industry, we have a basic aim to create an end-customer knowledge base so that the products available and the services provided could meet current customer needs and desires. Customers are the most important part of our business. We always try to pay attention to cater to the potential and unexpressed customer needs and desires. We also gain information from end customers and field staff in the form of feedback and use gained information to give more satisfaction to the customers. To make it possible we make it necessary to create and constantly update the knowledge base, and to use obtained data and information to improve customer knowledge on daily basis. We focus on personalizing one-on-one experience that will give the individual customer a sense that he is completely taken care of, which opens new marketing opportunities based on customer preferences and history.

Our CRM has the facility of capturing missed calls, call verbatim and case logging facilities. CRM has case allocation based on business ruled defined to ensure the right case of delivered to the right person for quick resolutions. Our customized CRM just enables the enterprise to manage the customers, their life cycle, queries and concerns ensuring every customer is served on time and uniquely. Its simplicity allows even the field staff to serve their customers efficiently. In today’s world, we have developed our business application based on the internet, due to which our CRM has improved its capabilities by providing access to our customers and suppliers via the Web (Internet network). Web experience and communication over a wireless network called eCRM which provides opportunities that are attractive to customers and businesses. CRM enables us in reaching to new customers and attaining loyalty towards them.