Indent & Order Management System

Our indent and order management solutions enable the remote users to get connected to the main system to punch in indent and orders on real time basis thereby reducing time, duplicity and visibility for demand. It streamlines all indent and order process and can easily be integrated to ERP system of an organization. Our order management system helps in organizing and to streamline the order fulfilment process. Within our OMS there are components to support integration with online stores, catalogues, and internal shipping and accounting systems. Our OMS works step by step, a customer shops either from the app or the catalogue, the customer browses the products that the customer offer. Even before a sale takes place, our OMS is working by displaying correct inventory to the customer, and ensuring that our inventory numbers are updated and correct. Our OMS notifies whenever a customer places an item in a shopping cart. When the customer places an order online, in person, or on the phone, our inventory numbers are updated. If it’s applicable, our OMS begins the tracking process, generating a unique tracking number for our customer that’s linked to their order in our system.

Our order management system updates our projected sales information with this order. Our customer pays for his items and our order management system updates our accounting system and generates an invoice or receipt for the customer. Payment information is verified within our OMS. Then the shipping process begins. If our customer is shopping online or via catalogue, they have the option to get their order delivered or picked up in-store. In this case, our OMS will send the customer’s delivery information to our preferred shipping outlet. The order tracking process is updated within the OMS, all the way up to successful delivery. Our centralized order management system that means less time spent on organizing our different departments and designing complicated processes to have them work together well. Our OMS also means reduced errors in accounting, shipping, delivery, and inventory processing. The system saves time in indent placing to indent tracking status. The simplified and the standardized system helps in streamlining the entire process.