Loyalty Management System

We offer numerous ways to our clients to provide benefits to their customers and provide solutions to organize such a campaign for them on a PAN India level and provide a unique way to engage the BOP users to actively participate in the sales. We also guide them about how they should purchase the item and from where they should purchase it. Our loyalty program is created around a number of principles and customer benefits. We offer technology-enabled solutions which enable the channel partners and members at the BOP to interact. We strive to develop a unique and appealing program and one that is easy to implement and maintain. We provide a digital system that helps the client to record customer's purchases, and monitor the entire campaign from the top level and district level, providing a visibility at all the level. The digitally enabled technology comprises of Mobility applications, SMS Gateways and IVR systems, all integrated to a single platform for end user interaction.

A loyalty management system ensures that every issuer and receiver transaction was captured in detail for point calculation. We ensure that every contributor is adequately evaluated and appropriately benefited as per the contribution. We also make sure that all our staff members treat our customers well, that customers have a positive shopping experience, and that they feel the retailer values their patronage. The resulting outcome can be a lasting relationship that is beneficial for both the parties. From the feedbacks that we have received, it was clear that a continued series of positive experiences further encourages the customer to shop with us; hence, the customer truly becomes loyal towards us and we are also able to provide them with our consistent services.