E-Pos System

With the advancement of the digital world, we have switched to E-POS system. E-POS that stands for Electronic Point of Sale Digital System is a computerized system used in our retail outlets. We aim to empower remote retail outlets to bill farmers using a digitally enabled platform. We offer a unique combination of mobile applications, offline experience centre and digitally connected farm centres. Essentially, we are using an electronic way for letting our farmers pay for goods and services as well as getting the information regarding the products available. Our E-POS system is linked to our company website, benefiting us in several ways. The E-Pos system is connected to the Thermal Printers. The application uses minimum data bandwidth. All retail outlets are connected to the central application residing on cloud-enabling uniform taxation, pricing, inventory and outlet performance visibility to the management in real time.

Moreover, it has helped us in storing the information and stock easily as well as all the information regarding the purchase can be retrieved immediately as and when needed. It allows us to see what products are in demand and also that each customer gets a printed bill and invoice is generated which reduces the chances of fraud. It ensures accurate pricing and faster transactions also reduce human error that helps in improving data integrity, enables constantly updated inventory for accounting, marketing and sales. Our E-POS solutions enable an enterprise to integrate multiple stores digitally with the core accounting system, thereby enabling every store to bill their customer. The information is gathered in real time and the management can view this in real time with respect to Inventory, Accounting, Billing, and Cash available for every retail store. Our E-POS solutions have been designed for the rural part of the country having low or limited internet connectivity.